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When you are ready to place your order, please call or email us -- currently Ellenburgs does not accept credit cards on-line.  If you choose to email your order, please do not send your credit card information via email. You may send a contact number and a time that you can best be reached, and someone from our sales staff will contact you.


phone - (800) 841-1420 / M-F 8:30am - 5:30pm -- Saturdays 9:30am - 4:00pm EST / email -
*(Please note that Holiday availability and hours may vary from times listed above)




Upon choosing a product, you may need additional help from our sales staff. We are available by email, or you may reach us by phone during the times listed above. We will be happy to send fabric cuttings and/or finish samples, literature, and any other sales aids to assist you in making your decision when such is available. In many cases, we may need to have the sales aids returned to us, and we ask that you leave a credit card deposit when this is required. Your deposit will be credited when the sales aid is returned. Most manufacturers will allow you to use your own fabric (known as COM) on items requiring upholstering. If you wish to do this, we can provide the yardage requirement on the item/s you want.




Most items on our website are not priced due to manufacturer restrictions. Please contact our sales staff for current price quotes on these items. Please keep in mind that any price on our website is subject to change without notice due to manufacturer increases. Any upholstered item will be priced in a starting grade fabric. Any variation, including COM, will change the price of the item. Please note that most upholstered pieces are shown with throw pillows that are sold separately. If throw pillows are included, it will be noted as such. Please talk with our sales staff to get complete pricing information on upholstered or cushioned items.




Most items shown on our website will be ready to ship to you in approximately four to eight weeks. Shipping time is usually an additional one to four weeks, depending on the type of delivery service you choose (see chart below). Keep in mind that this is the "average". Sometimes due to the unpredictability of manufacturing schedules, it can take longer. Please be sure to ask your sales person for the current availability before you order. Our sales staff will give you an estimated time frame based on the current manufacturing schedule. In some rare cases, manufacturers do change the cutting schedule after we have quoted availability to you, and delivery companies do run behind schedule as well. Ellenburgs cannot be responsible for delays caused by manufacturer changes and/or delivery schedule changes or delays. In the event of a manufacturer delay, our sales staff will try to expedite orders as quickly as possible, however, if the order has not entered production, and you feel your order is going to be delayed beyond a reasonable time, you may cancel with a full refund of your deposit. Keep in mind that delivery companies have many stops on their trips, and sometimes cover a three to five state area on any given trip. With this in mind, they can easily get behind schedule. They do try to estimate as closely as possible when you will get your delivery, but many problems can occur on these trips to cause delays (weather, traffic issues, problems on a delivery prior to yours). Most of the time they do arrive within the window of time they have given; just be aware that occasional delays do occur.


Upon delivery of your order, it is very crucial that you inspect the merchandise completely. Although "White Glove Delivery" gives you the best opportunity to do this. Most common or "curbside" delivery carriers will not wait for opening and inspection of every item.  If you receive delivery by Common Carrier, please inspect the condition of the cartons.  If you notice any tears, punctures, or general bad carton condition, please open the carton/s to inspect the merchandise before signing. If you discover damage to the product please make notations on the freight bill before signing.  Although Ellenburgs can seek restitution on damage discovered after the bill has been signed, it is a rare occurrence when a carrier will accept responsibility for the damage. In the event that damage is discovered, simply refuse the item /s that are damaged, and contact Ellenburgs immediately .


Delivery Options:


Furniture Carrier / White Glove Delivery - two to five weeks - least expensive
Common Carrier* - three to seven business days - typically more expensive


* Please note that Common Carrier cannot be used for certain items. Please consult with our sales staff for which items can be shippped byCommon Carrier.  UPS / Fedex Ground is used rarely due to size restrictions.




Ellenburgs accepts Visa, Mastercard, Discover or check. Twenty-five percent down is required when you place your order; the balance is due before the order leaves our warehouse. Although you will pay for freight (please request a quote from our sales staff), we do not collect sales tax for any order that ships outside NC*. Freight charages are prepaid and added to your order invoice.


*Please note that while Ellenburgs does not collect sales tax for orders shipping outside NC, some states may try to collect tax from residents at a later date.  Florida DOR is most known for this.




Returns are only accepted for damaged or defective merchandise. Due to the fact that manufacturers will not accept first quality merchandise back, Ellenburgs cannot either. PLEASE make sure that what you order is what you want; once an order is in "production" manufacturers WILL NOT ALLOW CANCELLATIONS. Please note that while Ellenburgs insures your purchase against damage or defects, we will not give a refund on merchandise that is damaged or defective. The item or items will be replaced or repaired by a factory specialist.




Ellenburgs guarantees your products free of damage and/or defects. Should either of these problems occur, we will either restore or replace depending on the severity of the problem. Most often the item will be repaired or restored by a factory trained specialist, however, in some extreme cases problems cannot be corrected, and the item will have to be replaced. In the case of manufacturer defects, the item will be replaced unless it is more practical to have a specialist correct the problem. Sometimes defective issues can be resolved by sending a new part to you such as a drawer or door. In most instances, manufacturers will require photos of the defects before an authorized return can occur. In either case, whether it be damage or defects, Ellenburgs will correct the problem at no further expense to you.


Any additional questions you may have may be answered by our sales staff. Please feel free to call us at (800) 841-1420 during our hours of operation listed above, or you may email us at:



How To Order

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